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Island Princess is pleased to offer you the exciting taste sensation of rich, buttery, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts with a gentle dash of salt. These finest Grade A, Premium Select Macadamia Nut kernels are hand-picked on our own Island Princess Macadamia Nut Orchard Estate, planted on the beautiful mountain slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii. After dry roasting and detailed inspection, the nuts are then vacuum-packed and shipped to the Island Princess Macadamia Nut, Chocolate and Confection kitchens in Honolulu, where along with nearly 100 other gourmet products, these tantalizing Lightly Salted Macadamia Nuts are packed fresh for your enjoyment.

Oven Roasted with No Added Oils
Sprinkled with Sea Salt
No Preservatives or Other Additives.

Ingredients: Dry roasted macadamia nuts and sea salt.

Packed on shared equipment with peanuts, tree nuts(pecans and almonds), dairy, soy, and wheat.

Net Weight: 10oz (283g)

Grown & Packed in Hawaii



A lovely Hawaiian hula maiden is our Island Princess. Looking forward, up to the heavens (lani), with her hands reaching towards the stars (na hoku), our hula dancer symbolizes Island Princess' constant search for innovation, improvements and growth. Of Hawaii ... yet global ... innovative ... yet classic.


About Macadamia Nut:

Macadamia nuts are not picked from the tree but are harvested when the nuts have fallen to the ground-a sign that they are fully ripe.

A typical macadamia tree in an orchard may take seven years to begin producing and will not attain full production until it is 10 to 12 years old.

Why are Island Princess 100% Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts so special?

Island Princess Macadamia Nuts are grown under controlled farming methods, in fertilizations, pest control, harvesting and storage variations in fertilization techniques, the use of pest control chemicals, harvesting and storing methods.

Island Princess Hawaii-grown Macadamia Nuts are farmed under strict laws and controls, as required by the USA farming laws, to insure that the quality and purity of the Macadamia Nuts are maintained. No insecticides are used.

Island Princess Hawaii-grown Macadamia Nuts are processed, roasted and packed under strict USA food laws.

Healthy Facts on Macs:

Macadamia nuts are high in monounsaturated fatty acid ("good" fat). Eighty percent of fat in macadamia nut oil is monounsaturated - 6 percent higher than olive oil.

Macadamia nuts contain flavonoids (a phytochemical) and tocopherols (vitamin E).

11 macadamia nuts have approximately two grams of protein.

Macadamia nut oil also contains Omega 3.

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